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"Thought You Should Know" EP pre-release

available NOW on Bandcamp!

Be the first to hear 3 of the songs from the RamBull Rompers' first ever record, "Thought You Should Know," featuring Rose Cangelosi and Natalie Mae Palms.

click the link to hear and pre-order! šŸ¹ RamBullRompers.Bandcamp.com

The RamBull Rompers are a New Orleans based duo, featuring multi-instrumentalist songwriters Rose Yvonne Cangelosi and Natalie Mae Palms.

Since early 2021, they have joined forces of friendship and musical camaraderie.

Their voices that weave together so intricately, many can't tell the difference between the two, as they deliver a wide variety of sounds one would expect from a larger band, switching between playing percussion, guitar, banjo, and piano.

From folk and country aesthetics to pop and power-ballads, the RamBull Rompers are sure to delight a wide variety of listeners, both live and with their first EP released in August 2022.

Hear the pre-release NOW on Bandcamp!

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